Once upon a time.... A sad, mistreated dog named Daisy was adopted into our home in 2008.

After many ear infections and veterinary visits, the root of her misery was diagnosed. Wheat, corn, and beef allergies were the culprit. Unfortunately specialty foods and treats are EXPENSIVE!

After much research and experimentation, I began baking her own treats to reduce food cost... It was cutting into the regular "Spoil Daisy" fund! She liked them so much that I began working on goodies for Daisy's big brothers, pound kitties Arnold and Willis.

The number of fur babies in the family increased with the addition of Vivian the assassination cat and, most recently, Matlock (world's biggest love lumpkin).

Just like any parent, I want to know what my kids are eating and if they're getting proper nutrition. Knowing the kids are eating healthy goodies is a close second to seeing how much they enjoy Mama's snacks.

Baking for animals is more enjoyable than baking for humans! They are never shy about letting you know whether the result is garbage or a masterpiece. Plus, five kids have to earn their keep. They are the official tasting crew of Happy Tails Pet Bakery.

Feeding your angels is just like feeding my extended family. I love hearing stories of satisfied furry customers! Thanks for checking out our product.

Charity Overman
Phone: (316) 215-1810